You are at kumari 21F dominating the bunch

kumari 21F dominating the bunch


Yesterday Tollywood saw a horde of films hitting the cinemas. Out of them, three movies have released amidst huge hype, including Kamal Haasan's Cheekati Rajyam, Sukumar's Kumari 21F and James Bond flick Spectre. Other small releases are Chiru Godavalu and Okkaditho have also hit cinemas. Surprisingly there is only one film that is dominating the total bunch. Kamal's narcotics officer role and the way he deals with a gang in a night has won critical appreciation but audiences are not much excited about it. So, Cheekati Rajyam may find limited crowds at box office. Highly hyped James Bond movie Spectre isn't appealing like the previous bond film Skyfall. Many Bond fans are disappointed with this intelligent story while they are expecting guns, gadgets girls and thrill from it.

And then, whether someone calls it adult content or some say artistic new-age stuff, Sukumar's story Kumari 21 F made huge impact at theatres. The film has unprecedented love being showered by youths as the content struck them on hearts. Kumari is going to lead the pack at box office without any opposition until movies like Size Zero and Thanu Nenu arrive next Friday to prove their mettle. Meanwhile small films like Chiru Godavalu and Okkaditho are not even heard about their talk, and their limited release is not going to create any impact in front of Kumari 21 F. That's the story folks.

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