You are at Proof Kanye Is Just Kim Kardashian’s Manservant

Proof Kanye Is Just Kim Kardashian’s Manservant

Or maybe he is merely a gentleman? (That’s probably the case. BUT HUMOR ME.) I know there is a lot of speculation about whether or not Kimye is real but Kanye (imo) doesn’t seem the type to have fake relationships. His mate choices have always been both age appropriate and fitting. His only public relationships have been Alexis Phifer, Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian. Considering he has been in the spotlight for ten years and has had very few public relationships, I think his marriage to Kim is at the very least real to him.

Nevertheless, in a perfect world I’d like to imagine that while the relationship is real to Kanye, Kim knows that Kanye is merely her manservant, hired as a sperm donor and pleasure maid. Kim is a self-made, multi-millionaire, head bitch in charge diva who just bosses Kanye around and demands croissants from him. Here is the proof.

1. Not A Single Molecule Of Dirt Is Allowed To Touch Miss Kim’s Armor

2. Miss Kim’s Shoes Must Be Perfectly Buckled At All Times

3.Commoners To The Side. The Manservant Is Expected To Act As A Human Shield 

4. The Manservant Must Always Open The Door For Miss Kardashian

5. The Manservant Must Scan The Premises For Potential Dangers

6. Miss Kardashian May Never Lift A Finger Unless It Is To Show Off An Expensive Handbag

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