You are at Salman Khan's fake six-pack abs video goes viral

Salman Khan's fake six-pack abs video goes viral

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s chiseled body with his six-pack abs has impressed his fans of all ages but the video that surfaced on Youtube reveals an heart-rendering and eye-opening fact that the abs, which the superstar has flaunted in almost of all his flicks ‘AREN’T REAL’.

A digital production studio VCL Tata Elxsi, providing animation and visual effects in films-both Bollywood and Hollywood, have uploaded a video, which showcases their work in the cinematic world. From removing a horse rider, to adding random trains on the road, the video has everything, which brings magic in movies but it seems they forget that it had superstar Salman Khan in it whose iconic abs are mostly cashed in his movies.

However, according to a leading daily, it was a mess done by an employee who was dismissed from the company and annoyingly he uploaded the video on the social video platform, however it has been removed now.

A part of the video has Salman Khan flaunting his flat tummy minus any abs on it. But come on guys! Carrying them every time isn’t a cake walk for anyone. No matter how much we debate over this fact, the revelation through video have surely hurt many fans who were drooled over Dabagg Khan’s fab abs.

Also they might doubt everything they would see on the big screen now onwards. There is no doubt that VFX effects have helped movies in a larger way. A leading daily quoted the owner of owner of Maya Digital Studio as saying that, ‘Today, we can do anything, we can remove wrinkles, eye bags, blackheads. We can make a fat man look slim and vice-versa. Do you know that the costume which you saw SRK wearing in RA was not the one which he shot in? The one he shot in was not as attractive," says Mehta.

But all this is behind the camera and we as viewers hardly pay heed to its making thereby we idolise them.

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