You are at Nayantara Iron Leg At Promotions ?

Nayantara Iron Leg At Promotions ?

Sizzling actress Nayantara is one of the leading actress of South Indian Film Industry. Currently she has number of the movies in her hands and number of top film makers are in queue to sign her for their upcoming projects.

Now days, all the cast and crews are participating in the promotional activities for their upcoming projects, interacting with medias and fans but Nayantara is one of the actress who gives clarity to the film makers before the signing of the movie that she will not become the part of any promotional event including audio launch. On the otherside, makers are signing her for their projects and giving hefty remuneration.

Recently during the release of “Babu Bangaram” starring Victory Venkatesh, the makers asked Nayantara to participate in the promotional activties but she refused and politely said 'No'. Her another movie Vikram starrer 'Inkokkadu' is set to hit the theaters on 8th September but she is not participating in promotional activities and she also did not attend the audio release event whereas Vikram is busy in promotional activities.

It is heard that Nayantara is telling the producers that her participation for the promotional activities will bring the ant-sentiments and she does not like that the movie will turn out flop. She herself is claiming that she is an iron leg in promotional events.

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