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SS Rajamouli : I have copied other films but not the bullets scene frm Vikramarkudu

SS Rajamouli has earned a reputation like no one else had before in the history of Telugu Cinema. On flip side some people used to point out Rajamouli for lifting scenes from Hollywood films

The director has been singled out for severe criticism in the recent past in the wake of the accusations that the making video of Baahubali was lifted from a special effects project, Comic Epic Promo. But Rajamouli denied doing so and that was the past issue.

However, closer look at the decorated filmmaker's career throws some more light on the filmmakers' success formula - take a tried and tested script and package it with the right masala!

Now SSR is facing same type of allegation .A video of the famous scene of SSR’s film which has full resemblances with the scene of Vijayshanti’s movie is making a lot of noise on internet on Rajamouli’s plagiarism.Many started discussing that SSR had copied a famous scene of his film ‘Vikramarkudu’ (2006) from Vijayshanti’s ‘Shambbhavi IPS’ (2002).AT last it reached to Jakkanna

Miffed with the rumours, Rajamouli posted on his twitter wall, “I’ve copied from other films/novels before, but not the bullets scene frm Vikramarkudu. That was written by my father long back. I don’t know how that made its way into Sambhavi IPS. I neither have time nor interest to dig into it. This is for people who believe me. Those who like to believe otherwise, please feel free to do so..:)”.

Henceforth, he leaves it to us whether to believe or not to believe.  

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