You are at Rakhi challenges Sunny and taunts Salman

Rakhi challenges Sunny and taunts Salman

Exclusive: OMG! Rakhi challenges Sunny and taunts Salman

There is an old quote stating that what's bread in bones seldom comes out of flesh. And this universal fact often looks vindicated when some limelight moth kinda celeb from tinsel town flaunts his or her full of self obsession and asinine rhetoric skills.

After remaining on a sabbatical of a sort from quite some time and getting slammed in her political stint, finally tinsel town's biggest limelight hogger Rakhi has finally returned to her own fiefdom. And soon after marking her homecoming she has targeted none other than gorgeous Sunny Leone. Strut stuffed with her latest achievement i.e. of getting an item song in an upcoming cine flick Mumbai Ki Laila.

While addressing media at an event Rakhi in a supercilious manner challenged Sunny to compete with her in jiving. But Rakhi didn't stop here only, hinting towards Sunny's undergoing some cosmetic surgeries she even alleged that credit for Sunny's beauty goes to doctors. This is not for the first time when Rakhi has targeted Sunny even in 2012 she slammed this Indo Canadian actress on pretext of being a porn star and didn't even spare Mahesh Bhatt for his choice of girls.

When Rakhi is at her jabbering best then how can one expect from her that she is going to spare any one. And that's what she did once again and on being asked about most eligible contestants for Bigg Boss 8 named some of the bete noirs of Salman and his exes. For the upcomming seson of the show which yet to start on 21st of this month Rakhi recommended the names of Sangeeta Bijlani, Somi Ali, Aishwarys Rai and Vivek Oberoi. Besides Rakhi also exclaimed that she is not les than Salman and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Is Salman listening?

Well, despite knowing Rakhi's habit and her nature all we can say her is that, "it's good to be straight forward babe, but even better than that is to not antagonize somebody of Salman's stature and to understand our advice look at the condition of one of the Bollywooder who despite having a path breaking debut is still struggling to carve niche in Bollywoood.

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