You are at Secret Society of BB8!

Secret Society of BB8!

Revealed: Secret Society of BB8!

As the most controversial reality show in the history of Indian Television, Bigg Boss Season 8 starts with a bang, with a diverse range of personalities ..Bigg Boss makers yet again, surprised its followers with a whole new twist by introducing secret society in the Big Boss house.

Apparently, the Secret Society in the glass house are the privileged lot! The Secret Society which consist of three contestants would be second in command after Bigg Boss. Also the SS would be safe from elimination and would be controlling the rest of the 12 contestants in the BB house.

The members of the SS have a lot of advantage at their end, Do you want to know who those three lucky contestants are? They are Deepshikha Nagpal, Puneet Issar and RJ Preetam, yes!! These three contestants surely have an upper hand in the game! Seems biased? Don't worry we are sure BB would have some other twist in store for them!

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