You are at Upendra tells you why you must watch Super Ranga

Upendra tells you why you must watch Super Ranga

Super Ranga, a film directed by Sadhu Kokila, has been timed to release for lead actor and Kannada star Upendra's birthday - as a gift of sorts for his fans across the state.

The actor tells us that the film has been in the making for a year, and that's only because the team has aimed at perfection in every department. Upendra, also called Real Star, tells us that the script is the real star of this film. "It is interesting to see how a good thought has been conveyed onscreen in a commercial way . It is the best way to pass on a message to the masses. This film shows you how one can get a kick out of other's happiness, and, interestingly , a child shows the way . It is heart-warming," explains Upendra.

While the actor has not watched the Hindi remake, he tells us, "People who have now watched this film also say that the Hindi one went into overdrive in terms of the action.This one, having been directed by someone like Sadhu Kokila, who always sees the lighter side of life, is high on entertainment. Each time, I thoroughly enjoy working with him because being with him itself is fun."

CONTINUED ON PAGE 16 Upendra adds, "Sure, Sadhu does lose his temper at times and everybody gets a shelling if things don't go according to plan, but that is natural for all of us. In fact, during the shoot of this film, even I had occasional fights with him, as well as with the cinematographer and the choreographer.However, that is not something I do all the time; one can voice one's opinion only in a setting in which one is comfortable about doing so and working towards the end result -which is the film."

Other aspects of the film to watch out for, apart from the fact that this is an Upendra-starrer, is, "We've shot at Slovenia for the first time, and the locations are a treat to watch. Now that the film has been released in so many languages, it was important it was important for us to match, if not better, our act.And our producer, K Manju, has spared no costs to ensure that happens. There's also Kriti Kharbanda and Raghu Mukerjee. While it is great that we got to cast one of the most beautiful girls from Karnataka in the lead role, Kriti is also a perfectionist and her dedication to her craft is commendable. As for Raghu, I think we hit it off from the word go -so much so that within no time, we were chatting like we were old pals. We bonded over philosophy, among other things," says Upendra.

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