You are at Lingaa Will Reach it's mark?

Lingaa Will Reach it's mark?

The Tamil media is full of stories that Rajinikanth’s latest film Lingaa made Rs 100 crores in the opening three days.

But the industry insiders say that like in the case of many films, there are a lot of fake calculations.

It is said that the film has barely made Rs 70 crores gross in Telugu and Tamil.

Though it is being said that it will surely cross the Rs 100  crore mark, industry analysts say that Rs 100 crore will not be sufficient for the producers and buyers to break even.

And if the film has to become a safe venture, then the film is required to make at least Rs 250 crores in gross world over.

Given the talk among public and its performance at the box office, it is highly unlikely that the film will reach that mark.

However, the problem with Lingaa is that it was sold taking Robo’s success as the benchmark. But trade analysts reveal that it was already known prior to the film’s release that the film was no where near to the larger-than-life scope of Robo.

They say that had the buyers realized that Rajini-Ravi Kumar’s combination was not as strong as Rajini-Shanker combination, then they wouldn’t be at such risk.

It is obvious that had the film-makers kept the production costs in control, then Lingaa would have been in safe zone by now. However, Rajini’s charisma that has helped the film to have such awesome openings, they say.

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