You are at Tough Time for Nani With 2 Movies!

Tough Time for Nani With 2 Movies!

Comparison with Balayya a nice feeling: Young Hero

Tough Time for Young Hero Nani to deal with two releases Jenda Pi Kapiraju' and 'Yevade Subrahmanyam' on March 21st Today.

When asked about it, Nani says its a nice feeling but expresses the opinion revenues will be split between the two films for sure. He, however, is a happy with the fact they fit into two very different genre. While 'Jenda Pi Kapiraju' is mostly targeted at masses, 'Yevade Subrahmanyam' caters to the class audience. So, It would not be a big issue for audience to decide which film works for them.

Nani believes mostly the better product among them wins when 2 films release on the same day. He is damn confident that 'Yevadu Subrahmanyam' will very refreshing and 'Jenda Pi Kapiraju' is a fast-paced social drama. Hope, He delivers 2 Hits in One Day!

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