You are at Photo Story: Huma Qureshi Shines In Black

Photo Story: Huma Qureshi Shines In Black

Huma Qureshi
At the recently concluded GQ awards, almost all the heroines who have graced the red carpet have stunned with their cleavage shows. The likes of Kangana, Disha Patani and others have simple blown minds. If you think that the sensational seduction is just for skinny babes, then you're wrong.

Here comes bubbly beauty Huma Qureshi who is very chubby and little heavy compared with her contemporaries. This hottie shined in black and allured with her tempting curves all through. Undoubtedly Huma is waiting for right moment to showcase these talents and they have come easy.

What can we say other than calling her bomb shines in black!!

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