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Pawan Kalyan Wedding Cards In Amaravathi

pawan kalyan weddding cards in amaravathi
Pawan Kalyan Wedding This is what we call Craze Ka Baap and only Pawan Kalyan can fit into the bill. There are various ways Fans show their adoration towards their lovable star heroes but this is altogether a new peak touched by Power Star Fans in Andhra Pradesh new capital Amaravathi. Yes, what you see above is a wedding card printed with Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena Party logo inviting the Fans and well wishers to attend wedding ceremony.

Generally, Hindu wedding cards are seen decorated with pictures of Gods like Ganesha or Venkatesha. Apparently, this is a mad manifestation of fondness for Pawan Kalyan and may be even Gods have to feel pity with Fans. Jana Sena Party established by Power Star is yet to begin its political campaigns and this sort of fanatical acts divulges the urgency of Pawan Kalyan to unveil his political plans.

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