You are at Trailer Talk: Ram Gopal Varma 'Bruce Lee' Movie!!

Trailer Talk: Ram Gopal Varma 'Bruce Lee' Movie!!

It's raining films with title 'Bruce Lee' in the Indian Film Industry! Forget about Ram Charan's upcoming action subject and GV Prakash's youthful entertainer, and make way for Ram Gopal Varma's 'Bruce Lee' which is hugely inspired from the Hong Kong-American Martial Arts Expert.The trailer opens with the popular quote of Bruce Lee - 'In order to be remembered, You first have to live a life worth remembering'. Even the voice over you find in the trailer is of the original voice of Bruce Lee recorded 40 years ago. Few note-worthy quotes - 'You pour water into a tea cup and it becomes the tea cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle You put it in a tea pot and it becomes the tea pot. Water can flow and water can crash...Be water, My friend'.'How can i express myself totally and completely? That way you will create your own style because style is a crystallisation'.Surprisingly, The lead role in this project which is promoted as India's First Martial Arts Film is being done by an Actress. She performs all the trademark martial arts kicks of Bruce Lee to perfection. The trailer of 'Bruce Lee' is really worth watching and let's hope the feature film doesn't disappoint.

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