You are at Akhil's "I Want To Quit" letter to Nagarjuna

Akhil's "I Want To Quit" letter to Nagarjuna


“I want to quit this”- It's the letter received by King Nagarjuna from his younger son Akhil. Don't panic, this letter was written by the youngster while he's studying BBM after his plus-two in United States of America. And that shock of Nagarjuna, coupled by a reasoning, worked out now in the form an young star Akhil.

Explaining how Akhil has entered into films, Nagarjuna said, “One day he wrote me a big letter from USA, saying that he's not interested in studies anymore and wants to quit. Even after completing studies, he wanted to enter films only, so it doesn't matter if he finishes his degree or not, for him”. So, what did doting dad said to his son?

“I didn't advise him any. He had a plan in mind already to join a 1 year acting course. After wrapping it, he came to India and got trained here again in acting and dances. In Bangkok, he took martial arts training. Then it took a year and half for us to finalise script”, says Nag, revealing that he can't forget how Akhil wrote that big letter.

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