You are at Samantha tweeted about innerwear ad!

Samantha tweeted about innerwear ad!


South India's most sought after actress Samantha took a dig at an English Daily for reporting that she will be endorsing a premier Innerwear and was paid Rs 6 crore for being the face of the product.

Samantha: "Wowww wowww DC you should pat yourselves on the back for 'ABSOLUTELY NOTHING' .Yet again we have really accurate reporting. NOT."

How fare is it to publish such an article without even obtaining clarification from Celeb? It wouldn't have been a big issue if the product is other than an Innerwear and that too dragging an actress unnecessarily into such matters is a strict no on any day.

Hopefully, This issue will act like a wake-up call for the media and authenticity is given priority at least from now onwards.

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