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Nagababu Comments On Pawan kalyan

Mega brother Nagababu speaks out of his heart. He preserves good attachment with mega fans. He is like varadhi between mega heroes and mega fans. Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan and other Mega heroes may miss some fans events due to busy scedules, but Nagababu tries to be there for them anytime. This mega brother doesn’t hesitate in saying he didn’t achieve anything compared to other heroes in the family. Nagababu illuminated many doubts of mega fans through his facebook official page.

There have been reports that, only Pawan Kalyan helped Nagababu when he was in heavy debts with Orange flop result. Nagababu had even thought of committing suicide then. Clarifying all the rumours, Nagababu said, “Both Annayya (Chiranjeevi) and Thammudu (Pawan Kalyan) had contributed equally when I was in deep financial crisis. There is no truth in only one of them had assisted me.”

When a fans puzzled, why did he support Chiranjeevi, why not Pawan Kalyan in last elections, Nagababu answered, “Orange debacle result dragged me to depression mood. I was not at all interested in politics. But, I had to take a decision. After thinking for long time, I have decided to stay with Annayya and support Congress party. In fact, Pawan Kalyan doesn’t need my or anybody’s support. He has the guts to fight alone. But, Annayya needed my support. Frankly speaking, neither I campaigned for the congress party nor I did any other supporting activity. I just gave oral support to Annayya. We may have different ideologies; nevertheless we still have same fondness among us.”

Interim, Nagababu is busy with TV serials and reality shows.

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