You are at First Look : Shocking Tamil Movie Poster

First Look : Shocking Tamil Movie Poster

There are many instances wherein you tend to watch a movie and come across some uncomfortable scenes. While that is understood, you cannot fathom why the very poster of a film has to be dirty enough to catch attention. But such things don't really apply in the Kollywood circuit.

From many decades, Tamil cinema has believed strongly in content and realistic cinema and even their posters come like that. But this one has actually blown the lid. We are talking about a new movie Joker which is the second directorial venture of a person by name Raju Murugan.

The poster shows one countryside man staring deeply at an Indian commode which is filled with what looks like a bird's nest. While it is not sure what relevance it has with the title or the storyline, the poster has certainly raised eyebrows for the wrong reasons. This is a rather stinky creative move.

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