You are at Spotted: Sonakshi Sinha Leg Lifting In LIVE!!

Spotted: Sonakshi Sinha Leg Lifting In LIVE!!

For stunts that are being shown on silver screen, most heroines generally dependent on either body doubles or perform them using rope rig support. For spicy heroine Sonakshi Sinha, that isn't a likeable task however.Surprisingly many, Sonakshi got trained in martial arts to perform every stunt by herself for AR Murugadoss movie "Akira". In the poster of the film, she's seen lifting her leg up above her own height and keeping the whole limb straight. For people who have doubts over authenticity of this stunt, Sonakshi did that in LIVE at the song launch event of the film other day.Standing before the poster, Sonakshi lifted her leg exactly like in the poster. That's bravo, whatte kick!!

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