You are at Why Kajal Scared of Birds!

Why Kajal Scared of Birds!

Could you believe the fact that Kajal Agarwal she had this fear to Birds? Yes, Its True!

The pretty actress overcame this fear of birds with her upcoming Tamil flick 'Maari' starring Dhanush in lead role. As the film was shot with lot of birds, Kajal was asked to deal with them and as time progressed she got used to them. "I am really scared of birds, especially pigeons. But, I have get rid of this fear after holding pigeons in my hand," she reveals.

Kajal says working with a supremely talented actor like Dhanush helped her raise the bar. "We  were supposed to work for 'Polladavan' and even done a photoshoot. But, I missed it as I was to choose between Polladavam and Chandamama due clash of dates," shares the beauty.

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