You are at Regina : I Love chocolates, coffee and paneer!

Regina : I Love chocolates, coffee and paneer!

Like us, celebs do like food. When we look at celebrities we feel they avoid all the junk, oily food. However celebrities like Regina loves chocolates, coffee and paneer. She tends to put on weight easily when she indulges, so she avoids chocolates most of the time.

Regina happens to be a vegetarian so that means few Asian dishes are out of list. Having said that she loves cuisine from Indian to Thai, looking at her lean and well toned figure, you might think she doesn't eat much. However her favorite is Paneer and her must have at any Indian restaurant is paneer tikka, the diva-esque says "I just love paneer, but when I'm at shoot I'm on proper diet. I love all my veggies and fruits." Regina mentions that she does indulge in her favourite food, keeping her fitness and diets aside at times,"there have been times that I've had to give myself a pep talk on how one minute on the lips, forever on those hips (she chuckles)."

Regina who tasted success with her recent release Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham, is busy with projects Shankara in Telugu and Rajathanthiram in Tamil apart from an untitled with Geeta Arts in pipeline.

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