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Sardaar Gabbar Singh 9 Days Collections


Sardaar Gabbar Singh 9 days Collections

Power Star Pawan Kalyan starrer recently released movie “Sardaar Gabbar Singh" has given shock to everyone as the it has turned out disaster at the box office and rejected by the audiences, many distributors are in huge losses. The screenplay and story of the movie was provided by Pawan Kalyan. According to the distributors, it is a result of because of too much interference into the director work and according to them, director should get the freedom to do their job. Everybody is aware of it that Pawan has also taken the responsibility of various works as he choreographed the stunt scenes, decided the costumes and locations, he was also involved in direction. Sardaar Gabbar Singh was released on 8th April and it has earned the share of approx 38.68 Cr in both Telugu States AP/T.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh 9 days Collections:
Nizam11.28 crore
Ceeded7.9 crore
Vizag4.11 crore
Guntur3.8 crore
Krishna2.79 crore
East3.58 crore
West3.66 crore
Nellore1.56 crore

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