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Vikram Revealed Shocking diet !!

Few Actors risk their lives to do justice to the characters they play. Vikram is one such gifted artiste who could go to any length for getting the perfection. During the promotions of 'I', Shankar himself told he apologized to Vikram's Wife for making him risk so much.

Vikram: 'I struggled for 10 years, played less significant roles and even dubbed for heroes like Venkatesh, Abbas and few others. It was with Sethu, I became a Star and I might have quit films if that movie got flopped.

Sethu (Tamil version of Seshu) took a toll on my health. I lost 15 kgs for that character. I would eat one egg white, single chapathi and carrot/beetroot juice per day. I used to walk 16 kilometers to reach the location.

For 'I', I lost 25 kgs but I'm doing it in a scientific manner with proper diet and workouts. Although Shankar was so concerned about my health, I had gone to extremes for my satisfaction. Even my family members stopped suggesting Me about such matters as I'm adamant. They were unable to digest my drastic transformation'.

While shooting for the first sequence in Tea Shop for 'Sivaputrudu', Vikram hurt his fingers and lost his nail. Usually, He is so scared of fire. He, however, did a sequence where there is fire everywhere for 'Aparichitudu'.

For 'Raavan' climax, Vikram jumped for a 3,000 metre height bridge. He would go into the mood of the character and doesn't hesitate to do anything once the Director says 'Action'.

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