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Charmi Says Jayalalitha Is My Role Model

Charmee is finding it rather difficult to understand why the media is after her ever since she started her own website.

"I feel women can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. I take the example of Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha in this matter. Even she started out as a heroine in films and then went on to become a formidable force in politics. She has the capacity to make people dance to her tunes and tame even the most adamant critic of hers. I want to make bigger name for myself in films and then walk on her path. If you guys have a problem with it, then it shows your narrow-mindedness," says Charmee. 

Well, we do appreciate her thoughts, but she must realize that Jayalalitha was supported and mentored by the great actor MGR. 

On the other hand, Vijayashanti ended up nowhere due to lack of such support. We hope Charmee gets a cue from there. 

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