You are at Sarrainodu in numerology sentiment

Sarrainodu in numerology sentiment

Tollywood film industry has many superstitions, beliefs and sentiments. People in film industry follow sentiments. Many always wonder whether stars like Allu Arjun follows them. But it seems he do follow some sentiments if one sees the latest happening.

Bunny is currently busy with filming of Sarainodu under Boyapati direction. As per reports the filmmakers has chosen to add an extra R to his movie title Sarainodu. The movie will now be referred in promotional activity as "Sarrainodu." As per reports the film came out really well and now the director is seeking help of numerology to get a blockbsuter hit .Its strange to see stars like Bunny and Boyapati fall for astrology and numerology sentiments.

"Sarrainodu" will be having its first look launch on January 25th evening on the eve of Republic Day. Sarainodu is already 60% complete and is slated to release on April 8, 2016.

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