You are at Ali`s Double meaning comentory!

Ali`s Double meaning comentory!


Today's generation is literally sexist, because they speak about curves and hotness as quick as they discuss about astronauts, biochemistry and anthropology. And we have to comment anything about Ali, he's on par with the current generation. As his comments on Anushka's thighs have stirred another storm in Tollywood, let's discuss both sides of the coin.First of all, many critics have sharpened their blades, blasting Ali for insulting a woman, Anushka, very publicly on the stage. While feminists itself don't see this as any insulting act as Ali is just praising the already known glamour of this star heroine, some critics feel that Ali's tongue should be tied hard. Some insiders say, Ali is made to throw such sexist remarks, because those events will get hype. Like during awards functions how Shahrukh and Ranbir throws satires on other celebs, informing them in prior about the satire they are going to face, even Ali is heard letting those heroines know about the remarks and later he will make audiences enjoy his lines.

Admirers of the senior actor feel proud of Ali because he makes such sexist comments on the face of any actress but not on their back. Rather drooling over an actresses' assets and glamour off the record, he's better anyway talking them straight. Any actress would generally take it as a praise, because being a heroine is all about flaunting that glamour most of the time. Maybe others are jealous that they are not able to comment like Ali, his fans say.When Trivikram praised Anushka's 'pikkalu' in Khaleja or Rajamouli got his lyricist to praise the beauty of women in couple of Baahubali songs or in Vikramarkudu's Jhum Jhum Maya song, they are equally sexist and happening in a poetic way. Looks like Ali is doing it more common man kind.

In Ali's case, what's more amazing is that none of the actresses like Suma, Anasuya, Samantha or Anushka have made any complaints. At least, they didn't even put up any indirect attack on him. That maybe shows they are liking his sexist remarks and taking the positive side of it. Also most of Ali's income through these events, game shows and else goes to charity, which makes our heroines let him go beyond boundaries. That raises TRPs, and Ali donates more to the poor.On the other hand, society could easily digest things that are told in disguise, like praising glamour on silver screen through songs and using double entendres in lyrics. Maybe Ali should resist making such sexist remarks quite openly, because unwanted criticism is affecting his 30 years of golden work very badly.

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