You are at 'I Quit Smoking and Zarda Pan' : Star Director

'I Quit Smoking and Zarda Pan' : Star Director

During the promotional interview of 'Subrahmanyam For Sale', Harish Shankar revealed many untold secrets about his personality and his idea of dying. Brushing aside the reports that he developed an attitude post 'Gabbar Singh' success, The Filmmaker shared he hasn't changed a bit post the blockbuster hit and the attitude people were talking about is very much there since his growing up years.Harish Shankar reveals Cinema is his passion and he could do nothing other than making films. He loves to die on a film set and his dream is such that his Assistant Director has to say - 'Sir has just explained the shot and breathed his last on the sets'.

The 'Gabbar Singh' who is known as live-wire claims he could stop anything the moment he realizes any habit of his is affecting his work or health. "Earlier, I used to be a heavy smoker, nearly two packs a day. But, I stopped it after accepting the reality that it is draining my energy. Later, I got addicted to Zarda Pan and used to eat five packets a day along with the Cinematographer during the making of 'Gabbar Singh'. Finally, I stopped taking it as it is affecting my health. Today, I'm a pure vegetarian," he shares.

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