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Anushka's Secret For A Sexy Figure

Anushka Shetty still has looks that can give young actresses a run for their money. The secret to her fitness is the strict workout regime she follows. The actress, who is busy with Baahubali recently opened up about the secret to her sexy body. Apparently, the 32-year-old actress does not slog in the gym, but focuses on toning her body by doing one hour of yoga and half an hour of cardio every day. She says she is not particular about her diet either. But she makes sure she does not eat after 8 pm and her dinners are mostly sans masala. If you’re wondering how she maintains a young and glowing face even at her age, then Anushka confesses it is due to drinking lots of water. Drink nothing less than two litres every day, she says to all fitness fanatics.  Now, you know what to do for a toned body like hers. Last, but not the least, Anushka also happens to be a strict vegetarian just like many of her contemporaries

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