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Manchu Lakshmi supports Deepika's "My Choice"


You would have come across several debates and perspectives about sex but at a deeper level, sex before marriage has been a hot topic in the Indian community. Few days before fashion magazine Vogue India released a video featuring Deepika Padukone and she speaks boldly about pre marital sex

The video aimed at promoting women's empowerment and internet continues to debate the two-minute film ferociously.

In the video Deepika says “My body, my mind, my choice,". “My choice, to marry or not to marry. To have sex before marriage, to have sex outside of marriage to not have sex, my choice.'' Says Deepika

The video creates controversy and people started debating about the video by dividing two groups.But the video has attracted sympathy from one of the daring film celebrity and she is none other than Manchu Lakshmi.

Expressing her support to the My Choice Video Manchu girl said, 'how fabulous is this video. I concur to these exact sentiments. Great job @VOGUEIndia. Respect #MyChoice' (sic).

Yes, pre-marital sex is considered a major taboo and sometimes it is the entertainment industry people which changes those beliefs.

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