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Mahesh Babu describes Tamanna as 'bhelpuri'

The sorry saga in Tollywood - of glam doll heroines being called names continues. In his latest release Aagadu, hero Mahesh Babu describes Tammannah as 'bhelpuri' in a song. The multi-crore budget film 'Aagadu' released to a mixed response from the audience on Friday.

The 39-year-old actor who has the reputation of being the top hero in the Telugu film industry got into disrepute with his last film too. The film poster '1 Nennokadine' released on January 10 this year, kicked up a storm with one other than popular actress Samantha openly expressing her displeasure.

The poster showed the actress Kriti Sanon crawling on all fours behind Mahesh Babu. "Not only is it deeply regressive but its point is actually that it is deeply regressive," she said. In fact, in an earlier film 'Dookudu' in which Samantha paired with Mahesh Babu, the hero passed remarks against his heroine's face calling it 'Pitta Moham" (bird's face).

In 'Aagadu', the names of choicest food items are used to describe heroine Tammannah Bhatia by hero Mahesh Babu in a song. The lyrics of the song 'Bhel Bhel Bhelpuri' were composed by Bhaskar Bhatla Ravi Kumar for which music was composed by S S Thaman.

The heroine is not just called 'bhelpuri'. The lyrics further describe her lips as a piece of mango. It does not end there. There are lines that describe her as 'Sapota juice' and 'Tomato juice', 'Kulfi' and 'Barfi'.

On August 31, Mahesh Babu even tweeted that his son (Gautam) who turned eight is hooked to the audio tracks of 'Aagadu'. "Bhelpuri is his favourite. Keeps going on repeat mode," Mahesh Babu said.

The Special Committee on Safety and Security of Girls and Women constituted by the Telangana State government with IAS officer Poonam Malakondiah as chairperson recently also talked about the negative portrayal of women in the electronic media. Perhaps the committee can also focus its attention on films denigrating women.

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