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Surabhi Reveals Her Special Talent


Surabhi who stole the hearts of all with her sensuous looks in films like Beeruva and Express Raja is also in talks with Puri Jagannath's upcoming entertainer with Kalyan Ram. Speaking about her success she says “I am happy about the success as I really worked hard for the film. People are talking about the film, my role and my work. I am getting very positive feedback and am really looking forward for more roles like this," Delhi damsel says “I used to participate in shows during my school days and then I participated in pageants when I entered college,"

Surabhi who completed her degree in Fine Arts and Painting says “Yes, I paint in mediums like oil and water. I paint portraits and on canvass. It was a four-year degree in Fine Arts," She went on to reveal “Earlier, whenever I wanted to paint nature, I used to Google and then paint. But now I have got the opportunity to travel a lot and I get many ideas to paint."

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