You are at New Look: Anushka as warrior Rudramadevi

New Look: Anushka as warrior Rudramadevi

First Look: Ferocious warrior Rudramadevi

After unveiling the graceful queenie looks of Anushka Shetty from the heavy budgeted “Rudramadevi 3D", director Gunasekhar has now released the fierce look of the dazzling beauty. With that sword in hand, and that fierce stare in eyes, historical queen Rudramadevi comes alive now.

Today, Rudramadevi 3D's special trailer is being screened for a select audience in Hyderabad. However for common audience the trailer will be released to media only a week later. For the now, enjoy this new look of Anushka from the warrior drama that also features Rana Daggubati and Allu Arjun in crucial roles.

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