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Priya Mani Wish to Marry Soon!

Actress Priya Mani, who has been rumoured to be dating someone for a while now, seems to reveal her deepest secrets on Twitter.The actress, who rubbished rumours about dating Malayalam actor Govind Padmasoorya, confessed that she is in love and has her special man. However, the actress now seems to want to get married, have kids and settle down.

Priya Mani tweeted a picture with a caption that says what I want. The picture says that one wants to meet, fall in love, stack money, get married, travel the world, have kids and grow old. Considering Priya has already met, fallen in love and stacked money, all that seems left is to get married and settle down. So, does this mean that marriage is in the offing for Priya? Only time will tell.

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