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Why Bandla out from Jr NTR Project

 Bandla out from Jr NTR Project

Jr NTR new project with Puri Jagannath took fast track in order to complete the project as soon as possible. But an interesting news on the movie had revealed recently. The proposal made by Producer Bandal Ganesh said to be main reason for this news. As per sources , Bandla quite worried on recent high budget movie result at box office, he felt very bad about the result and understood how its impacting film distributors. taking these concerns into consideration Bandala prosed Puri and Jr NTR to reduce thier remuneration in order to control the budget.

Puri and JR was not in same mood had refused Bandla Ganesh Proposal. Due to this Bandla stopped all the  payments for the production. As said, the sources confirming that Puri took this as challenge , preparing alternative fianacial backup plans to complete this movie as expected. even Jr NTR also took decision to cut down his remunaration in order to support Puri. If it goes like this Puri in thoughts to remove Bandla name  and preparing to put his name as producer in movie titles. If not , Bandla prepared to back the movie again, he supposed to pay Puri and Jr NTR remunerations along with production expenses. But Puri and Jr Kept Bandla out of the project almost. Who knows it will lasts how many days, in the last minute also Bandla can join the team by ruling out these gossips or he will back the producers council who are supporting small budget movies. Lets see how it will takes turn in future.

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