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Rey Failed to Pull Mega Crowds


Neither phenomenal openings nor sensational mouth talk. That's what happened with yesterday's release "Rey" that marks the original debut of Mega Menalludu Saidharam Tej under esteemed direction of YVS Chowdary. Despite the huge shouts put up by the team, it seems like everything has fallen on deaf ears.

On its day one, "Rey" amassed nearly 1.55 crores collection from box office. For the popularity of Saidharam Tej, all areas like Vizag, East, West, Krishna and Guntur have done their part but Nizam proved futile. Trade pundits predicted around 70 lakhs for "Rey" from Nizam but the movie fetched only 32 lakhs. It's wondering to see such a steep fall in collections, which is an indicator that 'mega' fans haven't taken the film seriously. What's the reason for fans not considering this young hero and Chowdary's shouts?

Probably too much hype created by makers hasn't excited fans about this newcomer. Also there is no solid backing from any other mega hero when it comes to "Rey" promotions, and Pawanism song is like a crowd-puller candy act which is still not added. We have to see if "Rey" picks up over time after this slow start.

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