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Sobhita Dhulipala Is In Relation!

Coming back to Vizag for the first time after being crowned Miss Earth last December, Sobhita Dhulipala admits to being a bundle of emotions. "I'm coming back home after a year-and-a-half and it feels great to see my parents. I was away when the Hudhud cyclone struck Vizag and I couldn't get in touch with them for a good two days. So it's great to see my folks and the people of the city come together to rebuild the city," says Shobita, who recently walked the ramp at a local beauty pageant.

You have been living away from home since passing out of class 12. Do you miss it?

Every night before going to bed I think about Vizag. But once you wake up, you have to catch up with life. I've been living in Mumbai for a long time now and the city has grown on me and even become my home for all practical reasons. But I'll always be a Vizag girl at heart.

What has the last year, after Miss Earth pageant, been like?

Oh, it's been fabulous. After winning the pageant, I got calls from modelling agencies in Milan, Brazil, Cape Town and New York. I think people in other countries were more excited about me than people in India. It made me believe in myself and it was very empowering. I felt badass and cool. I was my own hero.

Life in showbiz is quite stressful. What do you do to de-stress?

I love travelling. Recently, I took off on an impromptu tour across Rajasthan, Udaipur, North East and Himachal. I really felt alive. I needed that break. I went alone and it's a great way to discover a place and yourself. From city to city, I travelled on the trucks, slept under temples. It was wild. People say it's not safe to do that, but as long as you understand the place and dress up accordingly, you'll be fine. It was like the movie, Highway. That was me. I travelled very light. I even carried very little money, but had the best time of my life.

What next? Any plans of getting into acting?

Yes. I have been taking acting classes for the last couple of months and now I'm ready to take a shot at acting. It was an instinctive decision, and I'm just following my heart. I have a few offers from Tollywood and Bollywood. But I'm yet to decide which one to do first — the Hindi film or the Telugu. Being a Telugu girl,my heart always roots for Tollywood. The good news will be out soon.

Tollywood could definitely use more Telugu speaking girls like you...

(Laughs). I would love to do act in a Telugu film.Recently, I walked the ramp for a fashion show as part of the marathon Hudhud relief programme organised by Tollywood film fraternity. I made a lot of good friends from the industry. Rana is a good friend of mine and we were chilling and he told me how it is so nice to see a pretty girl speaking Telugu. And Bunny (Allu Arjun) could not believe that I could speak the language. So, he made me speak in Telugu for an hour to make sure.

How is life besides work? Is there love in the horizon?

Well, life is quite good.And yes! I'm seeing someone.

Who are you dating? Haha. I'm not telling you his name. All I can say that he is an actor.

Tollywood actor?

Keep guessing...

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