You are at Photo Talk: Sruthi Hasan Hot Pose

Photo Talk: Sruthi Hasan Hot Pose

Photo Story: Sruthi Hasan’s stunning pose

Sruthi Hasan is always known for her picture perfect figure which the actresses in the glam field could only dream. Here is how she has cast a magic spell on her admirers all over the globe for the latest photo shoot
No stopping for the slender beauty as long as she maintains this bikini measurements and she is going to give her counterparts a run for their money. She is a step ahead of everyone in flaunting her curves which could instantly ignite the fire in men
Blessed with high metabolism rate, having healthy food habits and workouts in gym upto 40 minutes daily is what Sruthi says when enquired about her stunning figure.Career in films isn't a cake walk for Sruthi  and she had gone through a lot of hardships to reach a stage what she is Today.

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