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Tamannah Angry on Media!

All these years, Tamannah has been known as a soft-spoken and non-controversial person in the Industry. She seems to be keen on shedding this image and hence targeted media for the first time. "Reports of Number Game and Competition between Actresses will be in circulation all the time. In reality, There is nothing of that sort! We usually mind our own business but media keep on speculating nonsense," she commented.

"I have no idea about others, but I just focus on my career. Hardly did I bother about remunerations and films of my contemporaries. My focus will be on the work I do. I feel even other actresses lead their lives in the same way. Its the media which come up with cooked-up stories every now and then," adds the beauty.

Tamannah claims the fact that she is part of the Industry makes her immensely happy and it doesn't matter if she is at No. 1 or No. 100.

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