You are at Glamour challenge: Samantha Vs Hansika

Glamour challenge: Samantha Vs Hansika

Samantha and Hansika are considered to be the toppers of Tollywood and Kollywood with respect to popularity. Samantha is the hottest heroines at present in Tollywood. She is being considered for almost all the big projects in this region. Same is the craze for Hansika in Kollywood.

Interestingly, Samantha is eyeing on Kollywood from the past few days and Hansika is signing several Tollywood ventures in the recent times. This makes it clear that Samantha is trying to get the domain of Hansika while the latter one to is trying for the same. Most interesting aspect is that the actresses are now involved in glamour show challenge on big screen.

Soon after Samantha exposed to the maximum in South India, Hansika is now coming up with hottest episodes in the upcoming films. This competition may reach to peak level in few more days. The ultimate one to get benefited is the audience of Tollywood!

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