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Nithya Menon is Anushka's Daughter!


From few days Rudrama devi team is busy doing publicity through social network. Stars titbits, glamorous postures of Lead cast were out. Last few days most attention garnered pic is Rudrama devi trio pic which has colourful anushka,nitya and catherine in same frame.

Poster looks really good and all the three ladies lived upto the princess beauty. Yet., there is an interesting speculation is around that all these three are playing as sisters in movie, which is actually not.

The role being played by Nitya menon was 'Mummidamma', who is nothing but Queen Rudrama devi and King Chalukya Veera Bhadra's elder daughter. So Nitya should be Anushka,Rana's daughter.

Also, the role that catherine is doing - Anamika Devi or Annambika Devi, who is dearest friend of Queen Rudrama, the love interest of Gona GannaReddy. According to this, Catherine must be Allu Arjun's wife and Anushka's friend.

How guna Sekhar got all these three characters in one scene that too in a scene like 'Women's Hangout' is to be seen on big screen.

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