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Anjali: 'I Believe In Ghosts'

Now, call it a publicity stunt or a real confession, recently Anjali amused all by confessing that she believed in ghosts.

Well, her forthcoming film is a supernatural subject titled Geetanjali. It is a norm for actors to talk of love if they are doing a romantic film.

All glossies carry stories about their love stories and their thoughts on love. So it comes as little surprise that Anjali is talking about ghosts, now that she is doing Geetanjali.

“I believe in ghosts. I am told that people who die without their wishes being fulfilled will end up being ghosts. Apparently, they haunt people born under that star sign. But they fail to effect people who truly believe in God. So, one should pray to Lord Hanuman. During my childhood I was scared of darkness and would imagine seeing things moving. As I grew up, I haven’t personally seen ghosts, but I have seen people haunted by ghosts. It’s God who controls such forces finally,” says Anjali matter-of-factly.

Well, ahem, we don’t blame her for her sudden interest in ghosts as her film is readying for release soon.

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