You are at 8 minute song is "Rey" Climax

8 minute song is "Rey" Climax


As his debut movie “Rey" getting released tomorrow (March 27), hero Saidharam Tej is under immense pressure. However he says that lot of hard work has went into making this flick, for which audiences are surely going to enjoy each and every frame.

“Rey is quite a good hard work from YVS Chowdary garu and all of us. Unlike regular climax, he is ending this film with an 8 minutes song which costed nearly 8 crores and took 35 days to shoot. Such a chilling climax is not seen anywhere these days", said Sai Dharam Tej while speaking to media today.

The flick directed and produced by YVS Chowdary is getting released tomorrow and features Saidharam in the lead while hotties Sayami Kher and Shradda Das are donning two glam roles.

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