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Superstar Comments Dipped His Career?

"There is insecurity for minorities in India; intolerance is on the rise; and Muslims are being looked down upon – " such comments seem to have ruined the career of popular hero Sharukh Khan.

Hitherto, Sharukh had gained the image of Superstar across the country, irrespective of whether he was a Muslim or not. But after his recent comments on insecurity and intolerance towards Muslims in the country, his graph has come down. There is a downward trend in collections for his latest movies.

Take for example Sharukh's recent film Dilwale, which ended up as as the most disastrous movie in Bollywood. So is the latest film “Fan,” which is also considered a flop in terms of collections, despite having nice story, tight script and different picturisation.

While films with ordinary heroes in Bollywood could touch the Rs 100 crore mark in collections, “Fan” is struggling to recover its money. So far, it could touch just Rs 76 crore. Compared to Sharukh's films, Salman Khan's films are minting money despite hit or flop talks. They could easily touch Rs 100 crore mark and some have even crossed Rs 200 cr-Rs 300 crore figure.

It may not be completely true that Sharukh's adverse comments had an impact on the collections of his films, but they must definitely have some impact. He must have realised by this time as to how he had hurt the sentiments of majority sections in the country.

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