You are at Pyaasa :Tanikella Bharani Receives Rare Honour

Pyaasa :Tanikella Bharani Receives Rare Honour

Tanikella Bharani receives Rare Honour

Tanikella Bharani is multi-talented! Apart from being an well established actor, He is a good writer and sensible filmmaker as well.

Recently, Tanikella Bharani has penned a new book 'Pyaasa' which is about Love. This Telugu book has been unveiled in British Parliament and that's a moment to cherish for this Senior Actor.

When asked about the honour, Tanikella Bharani says the book launch have been facilitated by AP Deputy Speaker Mandali Budha Prasad. He also appreciates the efforts of a British Parliament Member and UK Telugu Association behind this achievement.

Apparently, Dan Byles who is a British Parliament Member and married to Telugu girl Prashanthi Reddy have been taken special care to release a Telugu book in the house for the first time ever.

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