You are at Ready to play Baahubali game

Ready to play Baahubali game

Who don't like to play video games these days? With more and more people into video games, creative director SS.Rajamouli who is the helmsman of the upcoming period drama and magnum movie want to have special Bahubali video game made for the movie.

The director who gazes pulse of audience like no other, wants to cash in on the video game craze and is coming up with the idea of promoting his movie 'Baahubali' in a unique fashion.

Our closely placed sources told us that the makers are planning to launch the Baahubali video game soon. And as anyone would expect the game will feature types of races and fights; including the chariot races, horse races, archery fights, sword fights, wrestles etc. Popular game makers were given the order to design the game. Wait a little more to know details on the Baahubali game!

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