You are at Allu Arjun oneliner in Support of Anushka

Allu Arjun oneliner in Support of Anushka

S/O Satyamurthy oneliner @ Anushka troll!

Few people began dragging Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma for the failure of Virat Kohli in Today's semi final against Australia. Some actors like Kamaal R Khan made stupid allegations on Anushka.But its quite illogical and being sentimental out of agony.Trivikram's latest dialogue in "S/o Satyamurthy" suites as reply to the critics of Anushka for Virat's Flop show.

In the promo, Allu Arjun utters the oneliner - 'Manam Bagunnapudu Lekkalu Matladi...Kastallo Unnapudu Viluvalu Matladakudadu Sir'.

Here comes the latest version - 'India Gelichinappudu Kohli Ni Pogidi...Odipoyinappudu Anushka Ni Thittakudadu Sir'.

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen too came in support of Anushka Sharma. "So happy 2 C Anushka Sharma b there 2 support her man n her country!! Those mocking her, pick another sport..IND's spirit n Cricket not 4 U," she wrote on her Twitter page.

Here are Kamaal's Tweets against Anushka.

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