You are at Father's help to struggling son

Father's help to struggling son


Not all the times family background and dad's stardom will help you to become a big star. From Dasari Narayana Rao's son Arun Kumar to Dialogue King Saikumar's son Aadi Pudipeddi, there are many such stories that will give you a shock. Unfortunately Aadi has picked up only routine commercial films till date, and they haven't worked for him. Despite Saikumar knowing the fact that commercial stardom is not an easily achievable thing, he encouraged his son. And now, this encouragement has come to a level where he himself produced a film for his son. Aadhi's latest movie "Garam" that has Madan directing it and Adah Sharma spreading her own charms, is funded by Saikumar only. Believing in the script, we hear that our dialogue king invested crores, of course, taking the big risk.

That's a best shot any father could give to his son struggling son in film industry and hope Aadi will use it perfectly.

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