You are at Baahubali T-Shirts!!

Baahubali T-Shirts!!

Spotted: Baahubali T-Shirts at Cannes

The Baahubali buzz has reached Cannes. Producer Shobu Yarlagadda is now busy spending time with Baahubali promotions in the famous film festival and is trying to crack an international release deal for the film.The producer tweeted a picture of the Brassiere Du Casino café's staff sporting Baahubali t-shirts at the French city. Few girls wearing T-shirts with Baahubali written over it is going rounds.People were served 'Baahubali' Tee Shirts at 'Brassiere Du Casino' cafe which is located opposite Palais De Festival at Cannnes, France. One of the international celebrity who participating in cannes also hinted about film releases for International audience ''The producer of Rajamouli's Bahubali is planning an international version of the $40m epic. ''..Meanwhile the trailer of this movie will be released on May 31.

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