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Trisha Disappointing With Nayaki Promotions !!


If buzz is anything to go by, Trisha is upset with the poor promotions of her upcoming film Nayaki. For the first of its kind, Trisha acted in a horror film and the film's not-up-to-the-mark publicity has taken away that feel leaving Trisha dishearten. Trisha is reportedly regretting for doing the film.The star heroine has given her dates to the film's producer Giridhar who happens to be her manager. No star heroine has done a film under the production of the respective heroine's manager in the recent times. Earlier Vijay Shanti had done it under AM Ratnam who later went onto become star producer.

When such a big opportunity is given to Giridhar, little did he used the opportunity to make it a remarkable film. Now the film is slated for July 8 release, and the publicity campaign of the film is yet to take off. Not many are aware of the film's release. After the audio is launched, no promotion is done which seems to have upset Trisha who was last seen in Kamal Haasan's Cheekati Rajyam.It's better late than never. Let's hope all would fall into place and Trisha's film would get due release.

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