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Why Pawan Kalyan Accepted Gopala Gopala

People close to Pawan Kalyan know that if the actor is not interested with the script, then he won't give his 100 percent effort for the film. This has happened with a lot of films in the past.

As per the reports, Pawan is not at all happy with ‘Gopala Gopala’. In fact, he accepted the film for 2 reasons.

First one is for the lucrative remuneration and the next one is that his wish to act with Victory Venkatesh is finally going to be fulfilled.

Apart from these, Pawan is not at all showing interest and that is the major reason why the shooting has been delayed.

Producers have given the date to the distributors and the film is supposed to hit the screens on January 14, 2015. However, 1 song and Pawan Kalyan’s dubbing work is yet to be completed.

With less than 4 weeks for the release, makers of ‘Gopala Gopala’ are still in the shooting stages. They are hoping that Pawan Kalyan will participate in the promotions so that the hype can be generated upon the film.

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