You are at 1000 Gifts to Pawan Fans

1000 Gifts to Pawan Fans

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's audio release function has shifted to Novotel as we've revealed it already. His "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" audio will be released there on March 20th evening.

Buzz has that Pawan Kalyan is planning to gift unique gifts to at least 1000 fans from the venue. For now producer Sharat Marar is keeping the info about the 'gift' as a secret but it will be unveiled on the day of audio. Will Pawan give a memento or a t-shirt? That's what many think.

Anyway, in couple of more days we'll know more about the gift. Apart from this, the arrival of Mega Khandan including Megastar Chiru will be another stellar gift.

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